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The Rating System Needs An Overhaul


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While I understand the concept behind wanting a customers honest review - any negative reviews I have received didn’t involve the buyer being fully honest in all 3 categories, most often because the buyer, either didn’t understand what they had ordered - based on language barrier, or simply not reading the requirements - or a scandalous scammer trying to get a freebies, and when I declined, was vengeful 😶

So, rather than rate honestly that - communication was good or GREAT - they rate 1, service as described although it WAS, rate 1, buy again or recommended - rate 1 - which subsequently is NOT an honest review. That 1 star rating should have been minimally 3.

I really believe we need some type of report a buyer button - Generally when this type of thing happens I can sense it, from the buyer’s lack of or poor - communication when the order is initiated.

Maybe we need a decline buyer or perm igg buyer 🤐- option as well, to avoid dishonest reviews.

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