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My gig not appearing high rating list & no updating analytics sheet since last week


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i am James william.i am join fiverr five month ago.in this time period i am completed 44 orders and i have 30 positive feedback’s .i am got level one position and waiting for level2. my gig have 100% positive rating.unfortunately now i have a BIG problem.last FOUR months my gig appear in high rating list, search keyword for "adsense account"

but within 5-6 days i cant find my gig THAT position and, i cant find anywhere.but this time very low rating few more gigs appear in fiverr high rating LIST…

this situation fiverr byres cannot find real high rating gigs.

dear FRIENDS i want to provide genuine trusted service for fiverr byres forever,

please list & reappear my gig in high rating list.

this is my gig url-http://fiverr.com/articlewriting4/create-fully-approved-hosted-adsense-account-with-brand-new-gmail-for-your-blogspot-blog

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