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Improve your gig orders/ sales with an animated video: An example of how a video skyrocketed my gig!


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Hey all.

So I wanted to share a little tip that I’ve found while “gigging” about on Fiverr. Get ready for the one tip that will skyrocket your sales… ADD AN ANIMATION VIDEO!!!

I only had a few gigs up because Fiverr just didn’t seem worth my time. After a dry spell, I just wasn’t getting orders and left for a while. Then I decided to try one more thing. I added an animation video to my gig and suddenly my sales started to skyrocket! In the first day I received 11 new orders for my gigs! I’m now getting tons of work and I’m laughing all the way to my bank with my earnings!

So why does an animation video work?

The reason an animation video works so well is because the consistent movement will keep and hold the attention of the viewer (your potential buyer). If you add music it will stimulate their ears and make them read what you have to say! I tend to use upbeat music when I’m making a video for my gigs. An animation video is just simply a triple threat to your competition! Not only can your potential buyer hear your video, but they can read what you have to say (you should definitely try to include a few lines of text). But most importantly, they can SEE what you have to say. Let me repeat what I said earlier… If you want your sales to INCREASE, add an animation video!

So where can I get an animation video made?

There are of course a few gigs on Fiverr offering this service, but if you have enjoyed the advice that I have given above I would really appreciate it if you let me create an animation video for you. I have a gig available where I can provide you with an amazing video with up to 60 words of YOUR TEXT. I will write anything you want! I can add photos and/ or your logo. I can sync your video with catchy music from my library. And I can even make your video stand out by adding more images and text that you have written! - WHY GIVE YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS AWAY? Order my gig and watch as your Fiverr sales skyrocket!! http://fiverr.com/bizgrowth/create-an-amazing-whiteboard-animation-intro-for-your-gig

Cheers all! 🙂

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