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New Method For Sellers


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Fiverr gig processing buy/sell is automatic. This is good in one way. But it creates some troubles to sellers also. Please read this, what is the reason ?

Buyer purchased seller gigs, then fiverr automatically do all processes for this.

Here there is no involvement of seller.

i.e Buyer purchased seller gig without contacting seller.

This leads to some troubles.

  1. If seller is not available or unable to reach fiverr notifications.

    i.e. technical problems (or) out of home … etc.

  2. Then seller gets a negative rating with feedback.

  3. We accept negative ratings and feedbacks, if we don’t submit work on time.

  4. But this type of orders give failure ratings, feedabacks to hardwork and reliable sellers.

  5. This type of orders really struck sellers.

  6. so please involve seller acceptance for ordering gigs.

    Thank you
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