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Seller 2 seller special assistance


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I’ve had a recent problem with fiverr and an interesting idea has grown out of it. I’m interested in hearing what sellers think of this idea. http://fiverr.com/russt77/improve-your-gig-rating-with-seller2seller-help

I lost my level 1 and 2 because I pasted a short list of my domains in response to a buyer’s query. What I did wasn’t wrong but the levels were gone and I was then unable to contact fiverr support for almost a week. During that period of uncertainty, I cancelled about 30 of my orders.

I eventually got an answer from fiverr support and was told the reason for my losing the levels was fixed but that I couldn’t get the levels back until my cancellation ratio was better. I can eventually get my levels back but in the mean time I’m losing business because I used to do very well with multiple orders and extras. I need my level 2 back as quickly as possible.

My idea was that if I had another fiverr seller as a good friend, I could buy some of their gigs in return for their buying mine. I’m sure this is done all the time but I don’t know any sellers well enough. I suppose other sellers are in the same boat I’m in so what if there was a gig to do this?

Here is the gig. http://fiverr.com/russt77/improve-your-gig-rating-with-seller2seller-help I don’t want to make money from it but It will help my cancel ratio. I’m also interested in what you other fiverr sellers and/or fiverr support think of the ethics/morality/legality of this gig. I personally think of it as like paid advertising.

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