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Suddenly Jobs and Messages Got Stuck/Stop


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Hi Everybody,

I was Growing very Well on Fiverr as My Gig was on Almost first page of Search in which i work and then Suddenly it happens that my Gig get away from that place and Messages and Work get stop now the Situation is that no messages and no work and i feel the most Dumb Person on this Platform

is there anybody who is facing the same??


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Sales come and go. No seller is guaranteed any sales just because they have a gig on Fiverr. Fiverr even states that they do not guarantee sales.

If you aren’t receiving the kind of attention or sales that you want for your gigs, maybe now is a good time to reassess your business goals (assuming you currently have any). Perhaps now is a good time to start taking your success into your own hands, and marketing your own gigs, rather than expecting Fiverr to do that for you. 😉

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