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Please stick with the essence of Fiverr!


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When I saw the email this morning from Fiverr, I thought it was pure spam, so I looked at the website and was very surprised to find what amounts to an affiliate ad with Fiverr as the affiliate!

Earth to Fiverr: don’t do that!

You are THE place to go to for low-cost specialized freelance projects. You are NOT just another website which has to supplement your income by selling stuff that has absolutely NO relation to your services. To most of us who use Fiverr, I’m sure the email pitch was annoying at best and REALLY irritating at worst.

Would you go to a restaurant and get pitched by a company selling roof repair? How about shopping at a computer store and be approached to buy baby and infant clothing–especially if you don’t have kids? Or going to your dentist where you’re pitched to invest in a timeshare?

Please DON’T send email like this. I darned near set my email filter to block all emails from your domain and that would not have been good for either of us.

You sell freelance work, not health insurance. Keep it that way.

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