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Have a category for sellers with high average sales prices


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Some sellers here like me have higher average sales prices. We are not in the PRO category, and yet we are able to sell our services at a higher average price than most others in our category.

Maybe it could be called Elite Sellers. This would put buyers on notice that sellers with this badge offer services that are in the top prices. This would NOT include sellers who simply put high prices on gigs but don’t get sales.

I see fiverr struggling to find a way to get buyers to accept the idea of spending more. Most sellers don’t know how to get bigger sales, but for those of us who do it rountinly, in addition to our Top Rated Sellers badge give us an “Elite Seller” badge.

First fiverr had an idea to put average sale prices on gigs which is a terrible idea.

Now there was an idea to show what each buyer paid on their review. Another bad idea.

Just give those of us who have a high average selling price an additional title and badge.

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