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Is it a Good Idea to Delete a Gig and then ReCreate It?


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Hello everyone 🙂

I would just like to ask your opinion. I was gone from fiverr for a while due to some health issues, and had no choice but to cancel my last orders. But I requested mutual cancellation from all of my buyers then. One of my gigs that got the most order suffered the most of course. It now has 36% cancellation rate, but I do have high positive rating. Now I can’t even activate my gig extras on it. And although I think my impressions and clicks are quite high I’m still not getting any order unlike when I was still active on fiverr. I guess the cancellation ratio is the reason? Or perhaps buyers just don’t like it anymore. Or perhaps I need to change something on my descriptions? Or do you think I’d really have to delete the gig and start all over?

Thanks 🙂 Any opinion would really help 🙂

Here is the gig link by the way: http://fiverr.com/jancolors/draw-you-a-custom-anime-chibi

~Jan 🙂

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I think there would be a lot of factor’s that would affect a buyer in choosing your kind of gig, personally, I would at least check to see the other works another seller has done for other buyer’s and how many positive comments and of course the rating before considering to buy, the cancellation rating for me can make me a little nervous, but again there are a lot of reason’s why it can get as high as yours.

In the end I would honestly have to say its your call, ask yourself, can you afford to? are you willing to build it back up from scratch, customer’s, ratings and all? would you have the patience for it since I admit getting that first sale on an unrated gig can be difficult.

My profile and account are new but I’ve actually been with fiverr before V2 was released and left for a year after I suspended all my gigs, which like yours, were also drawing things for other people, when I came back I decided to just start everything from scratch, even if I was nervous about how long it would take me to make that first gig order and especially how long it would take to get back to how much sales I use to have. I’m still working at it but I don’t regret making that decision.

Hope this helps.

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Reply to @laughingpumpkin:

Thanks for your suggestions and opinion:) I’m honestly quite scared to start all over like you said. It took me a while to get my rating and the level one seller. But I also thought of deleting my account all together like you did. I’m really just worried, but I also get that feeling that i need to start anew. I got 2 orders this week from two different gigs, but not that one with 36% cancellation rate. It’s kinda like my fave gig and all. After I complete those orders, I’ll probably start rethinking if I’m going to create a new account or not.

Hope the new account really works for you 🙂

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