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I think I never introduced myself. It's weird


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So, I registered on the website as a joke. I knew nothing of it, Googled popped up some results and that was it.

I run my own company and business, and I’m mainly dealing with web design and multimedia projects. My customers are mainly from Central and Western Europe.

So I came here, posted some Gigs as a joke again, and a few days ago I decided to edit my descriptions and titles, re-done everything, and just give it a try. I was inspired by Veritasium’s one of his latest videos. He was offering random bets to people and all the bets were so in their favor and none of them actually took the risk.

So in the end, if you think about it, and if you see life as a place where you can bet, most bets will be in your favor, and if you bet on every single one of them, you will win in the long run.

Most chances life gives you are in your favour.

If this didn’t make any sense, go watch his video about the bets in YouTube and you’ll understand.

So after me taking seriously on all this, after watching his vid and realising this, a group of buyers popped up from nowhere and I was seriously surprised. First web design order on Fiverr so far made me cringe.

Of course I’m pleasantly surprised. And yes, the Fiverr algorithm could’ve had something to do with it, helping me out, but it’s after me taking it seriously and betting my time on all of this.

So I ended up winning in the end.

Ask questions if you’re more interested on this subject.


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