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Today i got level -2 badge and my earring is not $2000. but i am not sure after January 15 my badge stay or leave


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Guest the_possumist

According to this article on the blog:

(Thank you, @ollydave for posting this in a previous thread)

Don’t worry, doers—in the updated system, an existing seller cannot be demoted just because the earning isn’t as required in the updated terms. As long as you maintain your response rate, deliver complete orders on time, and continue to receive good ratings, you will keep your current level. You’ll be only demoted if you are unable to meet these standards—and in order to be promoted back up, you’ll need to meet the earnings standards again.

You’ll be fine, assuming you still meet the other criteria. 🙂

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Guest mubashir_seo

You have to complete 50 orders with 4.8 rating and also 90% order Completetaion rate and aslo active 120days in fiverr

@Jahid is this not the new rules?

I think 120 days activeness are not needed currently.

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