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New to fiverr and have not yet received any order


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Guest offlinehelpers

Hello and welcome to Fiverr!

Your prices seem a bit steep for a newcomer with no reviews yet.

Is there anything you can offer for a good old $5 to get some sales rolling in and also to get some much needed feedback?

You can have 7 gigs so you’ve got space for a few more.

Good luck! 🙂

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Guest kaziasifbillah

Welcome to Fiverr!
i am also a new seller. i always try to share my gig at various social media platforms. Try to promote your gig as much as you can.
Good luck!

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Contrary to some beliefs you can set your prices as high or as low as your want, it’s YOUR work.
What I would suggest is that (1) you add video to each of your gigs. Create a portfolio of your work for display off-fiverr and link to it OR include it in your gig videos.
People like to see and hear what it is that you offer and videos as well as a photo collage of some of your graphic work.
You say that you create these things, then say so, or have someone create the videos and words for you.
Lastly, unless you actually ARE Inna Rosputnia, I’d change the profile pic to something more realistic.

Inna Rosputnia

Good luck

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