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good night, i think, the more people subscribe to fiverr, the harder it is to keep them regularly in a single number of users, I recommend you update your “gig’s”, and give them a new approach that adapts to new client standards. (not that they are bad, but if the algorithm of fiverr usually favor the newest ones, then updating your gigs will place it in the recurring list) 🙂

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Great question. You asked, so…

Your gig images lack pizazz. When I’m buying something on Fiverr, I’m scrolling down to see what catches my eye. Your stuff wouldn’t stand out in my visual sorting. This is your #1 problem.

Smile in your profile photo. We buy from people we like. You seem likable already, but remember that most Fiverr buyers are American, and it is our convention to smile broadly in our business portraits, contrary to what appears to be the Asian custom.

Play around with pricing. Your $10 price actually helps you stand out in your overcrowded categories, but experiment with it. And certainly, if you are going to be a premium provider - which is excellent - your gig art has to back it up.

Your tag line is “Believe in Commitment, Innovation and Quality!” It’s phrasing as a command is awkward. Perhaps “Tools to Grow Your Business.”

Keep experimenting with different offers that a) help grow an entrepreneur’s business and b) are significantly differentiated -or- which are inspired but something that is working well already on Fiverr. Whatever that might be.

Your profile and gig descriptions need significant edits. I will do this for you (free of course) if you will do any of these other things I suggested, and message me requesting it.

Best of success to you.

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