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What if anyone get back to Fiverr profile after a year or two?


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I need to know that in my case, I delivered my last order two years ago. I got back after two years to my Fiverr profile.
Please help me with this.
(i) Is it suitable for me to continue with this profile? In this case suggest something to get back on track.
(ii) Should I deactivate this account and take a fresh start?
(iii) Some other?


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I’ve looked at your profile - if I were you, I’d contact CS and ask them to help you close this account and start a new one.

Good luck! 🙂

After the comment above by @offlinehelpers, I had to take a look at your account also.

Due to you having three reviews, one of which is one star, you don’t stand a chance with this one.

I agree that you need to get customer support’s help to close this one and start with a new one. And NEVER be late with an order!

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It depends on you.
I also started my account after almost 1 year with previous 30-34 reviews.
I was also on vacation this year for three months June, July, and August.
But you can look at my Profile ,I am still doing good and Happy.
Just update all your Gigs, title, description, images everything and also try some new gigs.

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