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Need tips/ideas on getting buyers


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I would start with your local market. Real people in your life that you can help. I would then get them to order your gig on Fiverr. This will build testimonials and show people how you get results and build their confidence in your services.

thats my problem…i live in a really small town, more of the people living here are old so no potential…thats why a turned to fiverr, in hope of getting clients throughout the whole internet.

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I honestly dont know how to get any customers…top sellers are selling some spell BS and than here i am: offering real help but no-one wants it… screw life

heres my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/henrythehodor/do-anything-that-could-help-you-and-your-relationship

screw life

From a man hawking relationship wisdom…

99% of the money that changes hands on Fiverr is for services which help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. That’s your first disadvantage.

Second issue: Relationship advice is quite personal, whereas your profile and gig are impersonal. No one can tell anything about you except that you curse at inappropriate times and you engage in business communications when you are in dark moods.

There is a woman here in the Forum that does quite well with relationship stuff, and her profile picture itself makes you like her. She has a spiritualist approach, but you may do well to engage in a little market research by checking out the way she presents herself. She will say hello on this thread if she feels like inspiring you.

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