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Editing video from youtube


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Hi, this is my first post here, I haven’t found any relevant information about my situation so I have considered it might be helpful to post a question here. So, long story short, I have a client on a video editing gig which is due in about 6 hours.What lacks is that the communication wasn’t the best so far and I am not sure exactly what the client is expecting.The work consists on editing a youtube video in small clips and doing a montage out of them.Now my question is would I risk anything if I download the video from youtube using third-party websites, start editing and send the video file to him? He already asked me is it is possible to upload directly to his youtube account and I have told him that it would be safer for me to send the file through fiverr.I haven’t received any reply yet so I am not so sure what should I do…I don’t want to risk my fiverr account or youtube account or anything like that because of this.
I would really appreciate some advice related with this.

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Thank you for your reply.

I have researched this a bit and it seems that downloading from youtube would be ok as long as the video is for personal use or there is no break in the copyrights.
Maybe someone more experienced with this can share more.

As for my project, I have managed to finish the work eventually, uploaded on google drive and delivered with the download link.

In my opinion, it’s better to keep it as simple as possible, especially related with online identity and copyrights.

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