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Mobile App Must Have


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Hello all,

As a seller sometimes I have difficulties with mobile app. I think that all sellers face same issue and difficulties. Some of them minor but they improve our experience.

We Must Share Our Gigs To Buyers.
In mobile app, sometimes I chat with a potential buyer through app and want to suggest one of my gig. But I can’t share my gig through my app. There is no option in on mobile gig page or chat screen. This is really a must!

Available Now
There should be an option to activate Available Now in app. It will be better if it is in settings menu like Online button. It is really hard to activate it web on desktop or mobile.

Requirements Details
Sometimes users ask for requirements before order the gig. When I am online on web, I just go to my gig and click edit button and copy/paste my requirements to buyers message. But I can’t do that when I am online on mobile.

Gig Prices
We must see our gig prices and gig extras on mobile. I have 20 active gig and sometimes I get confused about prices and extras prices while chatting potential buyer. I do not want to give wrong details about my gigs.

These are first come to my mind. I will be happy if you share your ideas.

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