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My earnings page show the wrong amounts and the order links don't work


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As days go by fiverr keeps adding to my “available for withdrawal” but the amounts on my complete orders qre wrong, i charge from 15$ up (12$ for me) but in the earning page shows 4$
When i try to check the order it redirects me to another order so can not check it but i’m sure that its not the amount since i don’t have 5$ gigs at the moment.
the bug is in other orders as well and it always redirects me to the same order
It’s been around a week and i have sent 3 bug reports but fiverr haven’t answered yet.

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Hmmm, it’s strange. Wait for response from Fiverr Support. Don’t send too much requests. Try opening with another browser and other device.

i tried with chrome and mozilla but its the same

i guess i have to wait but i just wanted to know if anyone had a similiar situation

thanks anyways

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Make sure all these order are completed.

Because i never faced this

i did and it just wont work

the amount shown in my available funds is clearly lower than what i have made and is even lower than what they shoy to be cleared for withdral

i’ve written to them twice i dont know what else to do and i keep getting more orders

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