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Poor Fiverr policy & support team


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Hello sellers,

The topic which I want to discuss is very important for sellers. Fiverr has policy that it will refund the funds to buyer, if buyer requested that he is unsatisfied and cancel that order. This leads to the loss of money & reputation of the seller. Check the scenario & you feel the actual problem. Here is the scenario where Fiverr fails -

Few days ago, the buyer place an order, I delivered the work and order marked as completed. After few days, the buyer asked that files are not working & I helped a lot just to make him happy. Now, from my side everything is OK but the buyer doesn’t know how to use the files or he is unable to run that on his system. He ask me for refund but I refused as I did the work. I told the Fiverr that the buyer is irritating me again & again by messaging and asking to me that he will raise the dispute. They said, if you can prove that you did your work then there should be no problem? But the buyer is messaging again & again, I was busy and even can’t reply to him. The buyer raise dispute & Fiverr cancelled the order without messaging me. I asked this to Fiverr team and they said now they can do nothing. After this scenario Fiverr team becomes unresponsive too.

Reason by Fiverr: I was not responsive that’s why they cancelled the order.


  1. Is selling the service on Fiverr means we are bound for life-time to respond to the buyer even if the order was complete?
  2. Is it right to cancel the order without contacting the seller by the team?
  3. Now, Fiverr team is unresponsive then who will be the the third party to resolve the issue as they cancel my order just because of unresponsive(generally they reply in one or two hours but now it’s three days they don’t respond.)
  4. Who will cover all the loss of mine time, money & reputation?

I need your help guys. This happens to me now but in future may be you are the victim. Let’s raise the voice and make a better & safe place for sellers.

Rajjat Garg

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