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Buyer cannot communicate whatsoever


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Hello! I’m having an issue right now and I was hoping that one of the more experienced sellers on here could give me a hand.

So I have a gig where I create video overlays for websites such as youtube and twitch. (https://www.fiverr.com/s10022/create-streaming-overlay-for-youtube-twitch)

I recently got an order from a seller who is being extremely unclear.

-Order requirements were filled out incorrectly
-Buyer replies in broken english
-I sent the initial result and they replied “Do not like it”
-I asked what they would like to change. This is what happened:

-Buyer sends photo of covergirl magazine. says “sorry”
-I attempted to clarify- “This overlay is for a video, correct?”
-“Either way.” - then buyer sends a ton of images pertaining to their brand, but unrelated to the task at hand.
…“sorry”…“my phone”…

So I said - "I am unclear on what you are looking for."
To which they responded with “what can you make” and then “I do not have any soft”

It sounds like a simple situation, however this buyer only responds with incoherent fragments. The order is on a 24h limit. Should I cancel the order? Will this harm my rating, as I have (7) 5 star reviews?

Thank you so much for your help.

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