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If your sales suddenly drop


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Have you been editing your gigs much? I always had the impression you had lots of orders. Are you getting many impressions? or views?

Impressions & Views has dropped since end Nov. Didn’t edit my gig much but I suspect something is not right as its the worst in my history in Fiverr 🙂

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Since I’m seeing the “I had many orders until last week but now it has dropped down to zero what’s happening help me” posts again, let me re-post this. It won’t change your situation but hopefully it will give you an idea:

All I can say is, “It happens.” That’s business, that’s life. Simple as that.

So, why the sudden drop/stop in the orders, you may ask?

There might be different reasons behind this,

maybe your gig is no longer appearing at the top of search,

maybe your competitors with similar gigs started offering killer deals,

people are simply not in the need for your gigs

right now, it’s vacation season, etc etc etc etc etc.

You did everything you can to get more sales, but still no orders.

All I can say is, it happens. IT HAPPENS! One more time just in case: IT HAPPENS!!!

There are always ups and downs.

That’s life, that’s business. Remember, there are millions of gigs here.

You are getting new competitors everyday, of course it’s going to effect your sales.

Think about it realistically. Do you seriously think you can ALWAYS get orders constantly and

FOREVER, when HUNDREDS of people are creating new ( and maybe better ) gigs, EVERY DAY here?

I can understand why people freak out. I do, believe me.

They join Fiverr, and for several weeks ( or even months), they

get orders almost everyday or every week, and suddenly the orders stop coming.

That is enough to cause panic. I get that.

I myself have gone through this “drying-up period” a few times,

but I have worked here long enough to realize that it’s nothing unusual.

So what can you do when and if you face this drying up period???

I’m not sure if there is anything you can do.

You can try editing your gigs, promote more.

Look at other people’s stuff and get ideas. ( Don’t steal though)

Keep thinking.

If those don’t work, pray. Might sound strange to some people, but it sometimes works.

In the meantime, walk away from the pity parade and work on other stuff.

Or look for another source of income aside from Fiverr. (maybe this is the most

realistic approach. )

Keep calm and don’t panic. Panicking is not gonna help at all.

Have a good day ya’all.

Or look for another source of income aside from Fiverr.

You are right. We cannot rely 100% on fiverr.

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Yes It happens!! And it is happening now with me. One of my unique gig changing skin color white to black was earning good no of orders regularly and all of a sudden it stopped for past one month no orders.
I am not doing anything just waiting for orders to Come and doing my office work.😕

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Thank you for the post. I am here for 4 month and getting my first dry spell. I hadn’t been active for 3 weeks and have to face consequences. I now consider myself as a new seller again and lurk around buyer requests to get it started again. I am lucky just got 4 orders from previous clients. I was on very top of my category and now I think I must edit my gig again.

you must edit your gig and be creative in the description.

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thanks for the tips you give very helpful,
I am a new seller here just joined in fiverr april 2018. I waited 15 days to get my first order. and after the first order is done well and I got the next order until this week but suddenly my gigs become stuck and there is no order or message coming into my inbox. I do not know if anything is wrong and after reading your post I am a little relieved.
Thank’s again and if you don’t mind can you check my gigs if there anything is wrong or not

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