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Dont demote people because sales have gone down [ARCHIVED]


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i was demoted after 6000 gigs completed and 99% rating because my sales slowed.

Not by my choice!! Active 40+hrs a week on fiverr. Fiverr changed and suddenly my sales vanish and i get punished after 6000 sales?

people post and write about me at fiverr because of my customer support and hard work and i get demoted?

i know my hard work has not only brought sales to me but to others at fiverr.

i contacted support and she said she cant interfere with the system.

WHY couldnt she be allowed to look at my account and see i am logged on 40 hours+ a week working my tail off!

i didnt remove offers, i added some! i would do anything to have my sales back. they are down 300 to 400% =(

Dont punish the good sellers when you have people coming from everywhere, looking at the top gigs and copying them AND the picture that goes with them. Look at the people that are in demand and work with them.

how does one with 6000+ sales that works on fiverr 40+ hours a week get demoted from top seller to below level 1?

(in fairness she did say i was going to be a level 2. but still very offended)

i suggest you give power to who ever is working at support to be able to see

how hard some of us work and take pride in our fiverr work and our being a top seller and make some

decisions on our levels. since we have no one to contact other than support.


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This is an interesting story. What reason do you have to think you were “demoted” for the reason you indicated here? I’ve seen this happen because of (even wrongly) automatic assumptions about a TOS violation. But not for sales dropping. Plus, even at a 80% reduction in sales (I think that’s what you mean you can’t “reduce” sales more than 100%. So I assume you mean you had 400% more sales before or an 80% reduction) you’d still likely be selling more than most.

It just doesn’t seem possible this is why it happened.

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This kind of flipped me out because it sounds like the seller was demoted because sales dropped off, if that was the exact cause MANY would get demoted. I was demoted once because of too many cancellations (way back when I was a newbie) but other than that no demotion here (my sales trickle in sometimes) Clarification on this topic from the powers behind the scenes would be appreciated.

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Hey There!

Sorry to hear about your case, i would absolutely hate it if that happend to me! Fiverr makes up about 80% of my income at the minute and its only getting better!

Ive just had a look at the services you offer which are mainly backlinks. Because of recent updates to google and purchasing backlinks actually doing more harm than good i think you may have your main reason for the drop in sales here.

Maybe you should start to offer other SEO services?


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Reply to newbold3d:, my family tree gig supplments my regular job income and I am so very thankful for it. I cannot imagine at what I charge for my gig and extras that I would ever be able to live on that income but it is nice to know that if I lost my day job I would have another source of income

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