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Please discuss about how to get more sales


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Great gig video. Superb, really.

The bad review (only your second review!) is going to kill you, I’m afraid. Whoever ordered from you a few days after that (3 times, actually) could perhaps be persuaded to order from you a few more times. Otherwise, cancel your account and open a new one. This is allowed.

I do not believe it is possible to survive a bad review in your first 10 reviews. That had me on eggshells when I started, but if I hadn’t gone 10-0, I would have had to start over, too.

Best of success to you.

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so what can i do sir

My friend, I suggest you close your account and start over. Anyone with a bad review in their first 10 reviews ought to reload. There is a guy on here with hundreds of reviews, and every 10th one is ticked off, which is crazy, but he still sells a ton. New sellers don’t get that sort of grace from buyers.

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-Make sure your gig is not in a saturated market. For example, if you are offering background removal, there are already thousands of options for buyers, so don’t expect to be the one that they choose.

-Make sure that your profile is appealing, and the gig description is clear and concise. Improper grammar will turn away potential sellers, so make sure that it is correct. Many sellers on here pay no attention to grammar and it can affect your sales greatly.

-DO NOT call anyone “dear”. It makes for an extremely awkward interaction with your buyer.

-Lower your prices. Buyers are not going to put their cash on the line to ‘give you a chance’. Give them a reason to pick you over a top seller in your category.

Most importantly, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Would you find your gig enticing? Does it seem reliable?

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