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"If you can't do it for $5 please cancel"


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My “Order Completion Rate” is %97 now but I have 3 order for cancellation.

Order 1: Buyer made order on this gig “I Will Do A Speed Painting Video Of Your Logo With Watercolor” but he/she did not sent me a logo but a hand with a smartphone and a logo inside. I sent a gig Extra but he/she did not accept it and said “There’s nothing in your gig that says there’s different levels. If you can’t do it for $5 please cancel.”

Order 2 : On gig “I Will Do A Speed Painting Video Of Your Logo With Watercolor” buyer sent me a photo with some flowers and he paid only $5 for a logo.I tried to contact it for about 3 days but he/she don’t answer me even he/she read my messages.

Order 3 : Buyer made a basic order for $5 and he/she sent me a logo + some lines with text. I sent an Extra gig for the text but he/she don’t want to pay Extra.



I have two choice :
I will work about 15 hours for $15 or I will cancel these orders and maybe I will lost my TRS level.
Paint a hand with smartphone and a logo for $5 (about 6 hours painting).
Paint some flowers for $5 (about 6 hours painting).
Paint a logo and some lines with text for $5 (about 3 hours painting).
This new system forced us to work without Extras.
Our level now depend by irresponsible buyers.
Maybe I will work without Extras but is this the right way?
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I would suggest you maybe need to tighten up your gig requirements. Make the requirements very explicit and also makes it so the buyer has to fill them out before they can place the order. Maybe questions they have to answer like. Is your logo such and such a size and give them a list of what you require that they must check off. I had to do that with my writing and proofreading gigs.

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Maybe you should increase your gig prices? I think doing so will make serious buyers only who order from you and maybe, you’ll have to cancel less orders by then.

I’ve increased my gig price last week and it was worth it! I even got many buyers contacting me regarding my service.

Hi youssefkamel

I did it for some of my gigs and right now I don’t have success.

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