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Every new project should be a new purchase by the buyer.

If this new gig/job is the same kind oj work you did for this customer before, He/She should simply go to your gig page and “buy” another gig.

If you have now agreed to do a NEW gig that is different than the type of jobs you have already got listed at Fiverr, then you can either create a NEW gig to match that new job, (which might take a few hours or days to get approved), or just tell your buyer to buy the most similar gig from your current list of gigs, but make a CLEAR note in the messages about exactly what is different about the new agreement you have both made. That way, there is proof of an agreement on terms if there is a problem later.

Even though you seem to be continuing to communicate through the message system, but every new gig purchase also gets it’s own new message thread. That is really good for both of you to make it perfectly clear that each gig/project has it’s own price & instructions & delivery timetable & feedback.

It is not really a valid gig at Fiverr until the buyer click the green “Order Now $5” button on your gig listing to start the gig officially. Any other way makes it almost impossible to manage and make sure you are paid for your work.

Note also that if you are a new seller it is especially good to get many individual small orders, even if they are from the same buyer. That way you can gain experience, and increase your number of sales and ratings to the point where you would qualify for Level 1 which then gives you more features and benefits.

So congratulations on getting multiple “orders”, but make sure you & your buyer do them through the official Fiverr order process or you will be sad later.

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