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Two orders cancelled in a day: Be the Judge


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Yesterday, I woke up to an order update prompting me to get started. I checked the requirement and it turned out that the client placed a direct order for a music related service in an eBook writing gig. In my gig description, I stated clearly that before an order is placed, buyers should first contact me as I do not write on all topics especially fiction books.
I sent a message to the client to explain more on her needs and requirements and also told her that I have no experience in the music industry. She explained to me that it does not need experience from the music industry and that the job is something she can guide me throughout the project time. Before then I already had two gig cancellations resulting from gig manipulation which I sent a message to CS without getting any tangible response. So I was afraid of cancelling another gig. I started working on the order. Within the next 3 hours, I received an update for gig cancellation.

WHOSE FAULT is it please?

I received a very clear order from a buyer on an eBook. The gig requirement was something I have done over and over again. So it wasn’t an issue as the client contacted me before placing the order. In fact, we discussed at length before she placed her order. I started working on the order only for me to receive a notification to cancel the order. Reason: CHANGE OF HER, I NEED A REFUND

When I contacted her, she explained that she realized she’s the only person that could write it to her taste. And that she’s better off writing it herself. I explained to her that gig cancellation isn’t good to the seller.

Be the Judge, WHOSE FAULT IS IT?

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You’re right. The majority of cancellations are beyond our control, and your overall cancellation rate has more to do with what categories you’re selling in than any other factor.

I never understood all the drama around cancellations in the forum. It has never hurt my search rankings, and I figured some degree of cancellations was unavoidable. Why sweat it? I do now.

The new tiers mean my 89% completion rate is suddenly a crisis for me. I bet threads like this multiply.

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