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I want to know about new service of Fiverr


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I just got a new message from fiveteam1.

““Hey! We at Fiverr are constantly trying to create a better experience for our sellers. We are reaching out to see if you’re interested in: 1.Getting instant compensation for services you perform. 2. With only 5% Transaction Fees The new service will be using blockchain technology and you will need to be ok in accepting crypto currency. Please reply “Yes” if you would like to try our new addition!””

I want to know about the service in details and what should I reply?

Please, some one help me.


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The account you mentioned doesn’t appear to be a genuine Fiverr account, so you should contact CS as soon as possible, because it could easily be a scam / phishing attempt.

– If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

ooh, okay, Thanks. :thinking:

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