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Search should have an option for Custom based Gigs or Template based Gigs


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I noticed for some years now that it is difficult for a lot of buyers to distinguish between a template based gig and a custom-made gig.

This is a problem for buyers because some sellers accept storyboards they probably can’t complete because it requires custom drawing and it eventually makes the buyer unhappy and some are not willing to try other sellers and probably leave the site.

I have had a fair share of buyers I had to convince that my videos were 100% custom because many sellers put custom in their gig title and don’t offer a custom gig. This leads me to a story (I will try to make it as short as possible)

A client contacted me and several other sellers for a video. She needed it within 3 days. I was the first to reply and I quoted her 300 dollars (this was in 2015 - that was my price, with extra fast delivery).

She happily accepted and I started working on the order. 15 hours in( we had made the script and had started drawing the illustrations), I received a cancellation request. She left a very lengthy message saying I cheated her, that the others were quoting 50 dollars and the highest was 100 dollars. She said she wanted to use someone else. I had to accept, but I explained to her that my videos were custom-made and the others were template based. She eventually cancelled.

I sent her an inbox to explain to her, that before she proceeds with the other offers she should make sure they were going to make the character in the video look exactly like her since it was one of her requirement and if they can’t do it, I will be happy to continue by ordering again with $50 less. 12 hours later, she ordered again and apologized after realizing her mistake. I delivered the video and she couldn’t have been happier. She left a large tip.

I think it is a bit unfair if we have to compete on a level field. Template based animations are fast and cheap. You can deliver those within minutes or hours. Custom animations are a whole different ballgame.

I think there should be an option or maybe a badge to show this.

This might not apply to many categories.

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