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Buyer requests are not efficient after I got level 1


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  1. When I created the account, only 0-15 buyer requests were available. These requests were fresh with 0-7 bids on them.

  2. When I got to level one, the number of requests in the list had moved to 800+ with 15+ bids on each.

In case 1, I have grabbed 10 orders in 20 days.

In case 2 (current case). I have only received one order in 50+ days. Fiverr pushes a little bit old buyer requests which doesn’t help much.

Note (my gig categories are same as old).

How can I get the latest buyer requests?

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I noticed that we see a lot more requests in Buyers Requests, but many are old. I am not sure why. I wonder if the Buyer did not find the right person? Nonetheless, when I go to Buyer Requests I always see current requests at the beginning and I do not look past today’s date as I already have seen them. However, lately, most of what I see is students looking for someone to do their homework. One was even a nurse! This disgusts me. I could easily do those gigs, but I refuse to.

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