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Press Release Submission advice?


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Hello. I am putting on my buyers hat and I need some advice from some of you awesome Sellers. Like many of you, I have quit my corp America job to start my own business. I have a press release that I need to be submitted and since I have so much love for Fiverr I decided that it would be the best route. So I used the search feature to find a seller that could submit my Press release to paid sites like PR Web, Business Wire, SB Wire etc. The search results that I got was truly overwhelming! Now I am so confused which route to go. There are so many sellers offering that service. So here are my questions.

#1 What does it mean when a seller mentions their PR1 or PR2, PR3 and PR5 sites? What do they mean?

#2 What are backlinks? Are they good or bad?

#3 any tips or advice you can offer about Press Release submitting would be helpful and appreciated.


Bella S. Spinelli

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You should just google, but I’m feeling generous…

PR stands for page rank, the higher the rank the more authority that site has. The kicker is, only the main page (for example fiverr.com and not fiverr.com/apicturesworth) has the advertised PR. People will say they are submitting to a PR5 site because it sounds good. In reality they are autosubmitting using a bot.

Backlinks are incoming links to your site or webpage. Search engines are designed to rank pages by the quality of their backlinks.

Buying a service and not something tangible on fiverr is iffy… Trust me, you’re going to get what you pay for. The guy will autosubmit your article to press releases, and only like three crummy ones will stick out of fifty or so submissions.

You’re better off doing research and learning more about press releases before you go through with this. No offense but asking for the technical definitions here instead of looking them up (unlike some fiverr related questions, which is perfectly fine to ask on a fiverr forum) gives off a lazy-ish vibe, and cutting corners is not the attitude to have if you wanna succeed!

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