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It's Time to Take this Fiverr Business to The Next Level


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Hello Guys, remember my last post on the forum? Well, I’ve found a lasting solution to making all my Analytic green, no matter what! And am going to teach you this very simple strategy today.

PS: My Orders completed is now back at 97%… all other stuff is on 100%… Gunning for TRS in January!

This is a very important strategy and if you use it well and always, your conversion rate and orders completed will always be great!

Here it is:
Whenever a potential buyer comes to you for a new project and you have discussed about it and given the buyer a quote, always ensure that you can break down the job into phases. Most times buyers want to have a complete project done at once but 90% of buyers I’ve met don’t have the financial capacity to do that. So they are always looking for cheap sellers.
And as professionals, it’s pretty difficult to offer $100 job for $50 as this will affect one’s morale of creativity and hard work.

So your best approach is to tell the client that the project can be handled in phases, just like web designers do and this will ensure that no matter how small the money the buyer has, they will still give you something to do before leaving your inbox.

The past 3 weeks, I’ve been meeting clients who love my work, but they always want to pay farrrr less than the price tag. Some just run away and say they’ll get back to me, but they never return.

That’s why I decided that I will never allow any client come to me without giving me something to work on. even if it’s just for $5.

Once you can do this, your conversion rate will skyrocket close to 80-90% as you will ensure that almost all your potential buyers give you a job to do.

Please note: This is a normal business strategy that is used in all businesses online or offline. If you want to get a course and you are about to leave because you think it’s expensive, most sales pages have an “Exit Pop” that will give you a discount or suggest a cheaper version of the course to you.

When we all follow this strategy, we get to make more money on fiverr every time a buyer approaches, fiverr also gets to make more money and the buyers get convinced that we are worth the price when we dish out an amazing result for the first delivery… The buyer will probably give us the rest of the job! It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN strategy for all! 🙂

I hope you guys find this post useful and helpful and if I get a lot of likes and shares for this post, I’ll be sharing more awesome posts in the future.

As Always,

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Great tip! Thanks! Will apply this. Been suffering from slow to no sales past few weeks. Dunno why but impressions are getting lower and order completion’s decreased despite no cancellation.

It always affects us as sellers when we cannot convert new potential buyers. The lower the conversion rate, the lower the impressions and clicks as the system only wants active sellers to prosper and help fiverr make more sales too. Good Luck.

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