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How i made over $1000 as a new seller in a category crowded with $5 gigs


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What a wonderful post. I do creative writing and fiction. I joined in June and two weeks ago or so, I made level 2. I got my first order five days after joining. Making level 2 was like a miracle.
I wish I had read this post a long time ago. I would have made PRO.
I have learned that patience is the key in Fiverr. Patience and commitment. There are times when I thought I would never get an order but my repeat buyers always come through.

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Sorry for the delayed response. Level 1 came with its perks. Buyers contact me directly now and they usually pay much higher, so i don’t go to buyers request anymore. And most importantly, i’m preparing for the BAR Exams, yeah i’m gonna be a lawyer soon. I hear they have the most expensive gigs and put in the least effort…ahhh…the life…:rofl: . This is why i have been absent from the forum not fiverr. I got a lot of messages from people who read this post and i have decided to help.

I want to put together an online interactive class where i will break down in details, best practices, how to make the most of fiverr resources, show sample responses and practicals. Basically i will explain how i did it, what i learnt from others and more.

No motivational speeches, just the raw truth and dirty secrets.

If you’d like to be part of this send “Let’s do this” in a message to me. The number of messages i get will determine if it’ll hold. A minimum of 50 persons and we’re good to go.

I have begun putting together materials, offers i sent that worked and why they did, clients responses, thing i learnt in the weeks of study before setting up my account, things i learnt afterwards, things i had to unlearn etc. So NO, it’s not going to be free, but since we’re in this together, it’ll cost very little; for the materials basically…you can go ahead and exhale now.

Anyone can be part, but it will be most beneficial to creatives i.e writers, graphic artists, animators etc because i’ll be specific in my approach.

Tell anyone who might need this. 🙂

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