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Can custom offers be withdrawn?


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I’m a little confused. When I answer buyer requests and send a custom offer, sometimes there is a field where I can pick a date that my offer is good until. Only sometimes though. It doesn’t seem to always be there. Also, sometimes, I have seen a “withdrawal offer” button after I’ve sent an offer but not always. Does that button disappear after the buy has looked at it?

So, why can I withdrawal some offers after they have been sent but not others? Why can I put an expiration date on some offers I send but not others?

It doesn’t seem to make sense. I feel like I’m missing something there. Maybe I’m not quite understanding how it works.

Can someone please explain it to me?
Thank you!

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Hi. As far as I can tell, both the option to pick an expiry date and to withdraw an offer are always there when you send a custom offer to a buyer during an inbox conversation and are never there when you send a custom offer in reply to a “Buyer Request”.

The latter obviously makes it risky to send offers to BRs for gigs that take you long, since the buyer could, after days or weeks, suddenly accept your offer out of the blue while you’re in work up to your ears already.

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