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[2018] Your Top 5 New Year's Resolutions


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I wanted to make this later, but seeing the reaction the fiverr levels have triggered, I think it’s time for all of us to put some of the pressure, stress & steam away, and think way ahead instead of staying stuck in the present.

info-break: having stumbled across @eoinfinnegan’s 2016th resolutions thread I wonder if he managed to put a checkmark on any of those highly ambitious resolutions 👀

What are your Top 5 (FIVE) New Year’s resolutions for 2018? I’ll start with mine, in no particular order:

1. read the Chicago Manual of Style book

2. increase the value of my gigs

3. finish the battle with myself and increase my base price - I mean, come on, it’s been almost 8 years using $5 as a base price :roll_eyes:

4. get a better graphics tablet

5. finish color-coding & labelling my big collection of colored pencils and create swatchbooks for them so that I can easily identify the pencils for the right colors when painting

NOTE: I get that many people are angry / annoyed about the new levels, but let’s please not turn this thread into a continuation of that debate, this is not the place ☀️

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Ok, 5 Resolutions:

  1. Get a Pro SEO gig
  2. Get a Pro Marketing gig
    (While I have previously not been too focused or worried about being/not being a Pro, I have seen that there are many clients who are willing to spend big on Fiverr. Being a Pro will put me in front of these people a lot more)
  3. Spend A LOT less time on the forum
  4. Get the websites (my own) I have been “kind of” working on for a year actually up to speed and update them regularly.
  5. Get my account stats in order so I can be considered for TRS - On time is my one that isn’t ok. When I am going to be a little late with an order, I tend to not bother requesting an extension and just go ahead and deliver it as I believe that is more professional than holding back delivery indefinitely until a buyer agrees to extend. Fiverr is making that not possible now so I will make the changes necessary to fix that.
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