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Don't you Hate it When the seller or the Buyer Never Reply Back!


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I’m so annoyed lately with some customers and some sellers as well as I buy and sell here at fiverr.

I try more than my best to please the customer, I will write back, reply, help, do whatever it takes to make sure he is happy with my service.

But don’t you hate it when you are doing everything you can and your buyer just won’t reply back! You ask a question and you can see the buyer online and they just will not answer your question?
And not only they don’t answer your questions, but they just go offline leaving you with unanswered question/s.

And the same goes for some sellers as well, you ask them a question and they never even have the decency to simply reply back. How annoying is that?

It’s so frustrating, it’s making me very angry lately.

I hate it when a seller or the buyer do not reply. Why the hell are you ordering a job or selling a job if you don’t talk? It’s making me so angry I sometimes have to just take a long walk to get the anger out me.

All seller and buyers. HELP Each Other and Reply to all messages!
and when you do reply, do not reply with just a single word “YES”, “NO” “SURE”, And all the rest of it, do not be an ignorant person all your life, Take a day off !

I lost so much time waiting for a reply back from sellers and buyers, and the job is always delayed because of it, Time wasters don’t only waste their time but Our Time Too!

All you have to do is Just REPLY!

I’ve been working at fiverr with my gigs for many years and I appreciate it very much,
But people who comes here to buy or sell, should learn all about customer service!

If you really understand what Customer Service is and practice it, then all can see that it works!
All you have to do is to show you care by way of trying to do what it takes. That’s it, it’s so simple but a lot of these guys can’t be bothered to even think about it.

Now I’m thinking this;

If I do not get a reply from the buyer or the seller within a reasonable time and manner, I will just cancel the order regardless of if it’s a buyer or a seller. I will just cancel it! That is the only way I can learn my lesson not to waste time and to teach the other person to do the same.

How many of you guys are experiencing the same things as me?
Isn’t it the most annoying thing?

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