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There has been on-going confusion for writers and editors not only about what kind of work we can accept but also whether or not we need to explicitly state in our descriptions/FAQs that we cannot do certain types of work. I emailed Support yesterday.

My Email
Nov 9, 11:54 AM EST

Hi there,

I was on the forums this morning and a fellow proofreader said she was in touch with customer support and they informed her that she now needs to include a line in her gig saying that she cannot accept academic work, essays, etc.

I know that doing students’ work isn’t allowed, but I have a couple questions about my gigs (writing/editing) because I know that the TOS was recently updated:

  1. Do I need to add a line to my gig stating: “I do not accept academic work and I will not do work on a student’s behalf”?

  2. Will adding words like “academic” and “student” get my gig flagged by the automatic system? I’ve heard from many other sellers that it happened to their gigs.

Thanks in advance,

The Reply
James (Fiverr Customer Support)
Nov 9, 5:34 PM EST

Hi Sydney,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your issue. I am sorry to hear this.

  1. This is not necessary but it will help to make things clear (and make sure that you are not offering services that are not allowed).

  2. I do appologize but I cannot disclose exactly what phrases or words will get our gig flagged however [as long as] you follow rules an regulations as mentioned on our Terms of Service there is nothing to worry about.

For the service to be permitted, all Gig components (Title, Description, Images, Packages, FAQ, Tags, Gig Extras, and Requirements) should be limited to a legitimate service. For example - if you are writing articles for non-academic use (for blogs, marketing, etc.), you should explicitly offer only article writing and not homework or essays writing. If you are providing a different service, such as tutoring services or assistance in research or writing, you should detail the services you are providing (such as coaching on writing, best practices in writing/research, editing services, proofreading, assistance in online research, research analysis etc.).

Academic Work/Homework: Please make sure that you are not writing academic articles or completing homework for a buyer. You may only offer assistance with the above-mentioned services. For example, you may proofread or edit a text written by the buyer, but you may not actually write it for them.

You may write articles and blog posts for commercial purposes, you can’t write work for someone else to be submitted as their own.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards.

I added some basic formatting to the emails for easier reference. I’ll attach a screenshot of the original reply below.

Hopefully that clears up some things for sellers 🙂

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Guest david1082b

I wish Fiverr would automatically add text to gigs saying what is not allowed. Instead we have this opaque guessing game with people simulataneously worried about whether they should or should not say what they cannot do, with bad possibilities potentially happening whichever choice is used. I’m not going to add anything, I’ll just react to things as they happen.

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