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The best time to check buyer request?

Guest shibsankasikder

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There is no “best time”. If you choose to make the Buyer’s Request section a part of your Fiverr strategy, then check it when you check it. There is no time-table. If you see a request that you like, respond to it. There are no queues, and there is most certainly no first-come-first-serve seniority (despite the apparent presiding mentality suggesting that there is).

All seller responses to a buyer’s request go onto a list in the buyer’s account. That buyer can then look over the list at any time, investigate ALL of the offers that he/she has received, and choose the one (or more then one) that they like best. It doesn’t matter where you are on that list – your offer will be seen equally among all others.

This mentality that you need to be the first person to respond to a Buyer Request in order to win the sale is false, ridiculous, and a result of desperation from the sellers scrambling for any kind of sale.

Respond when you respond. There are no guarantees in the BR section. You are, essentially, “applying for a job” (so to speak). Your offer will be evaluated along with all others.

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