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Pinned Review Option for GIGS


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Hi All,

I am just thinking an option of adding a pinned Review on top of all reviews of gigs?

May be 3 to 5 the best and detailed reviews from happy buyers describing their service which will get more attention for the new buyers when they are reading the gig reviews. Currently, we cant guarantee that a buyer will write a detailed review and most of the reviews like a “great job”, “Excellent work done and delivered on time” like these simple single line Reviews.

An example is like this screenshot. Please Note these are my own created samples for your reference only


P.S: I am afraid there are some sellers may misuse this like ordering their gigs mutually and write the best reviews to showcase better and get more attention from new buyers. I don’t know how they control this mutual ordering for review exchanges.

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Nudging this old but still good suggestion.

If we’re modest and ask for just 1 pinned review, like Twitter gives you the option to pin 1 tweet, then still the most recent reviews would be well in focus but we’d always have a review visible that really does tell potential buyers something they’d want to know and helps them to decide to order. Maybe there’s even a way to program it so that it can only be a review from the current year or the last 60 days or something if the counter-argument is that a seller may not deliver orders worthy of the pinned review anymore.

Just 1 pinned review might be okay, Fiverr?

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