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New ratings means, more changes need to be made to the site


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Let me start off by saying I have been on this site since beta as a seller and a buyer. I have been a top rated seller for 3 years and I work full-time on the site between 40-60+ hours a week. While I do see the upside in this new rating system, for heavy volume sellers like myself it just means we will not get any days off… or we are going to have to cheese the system to do so.

For example, right now I tend to not answer messages on weekends, this keeps my message percentage between 75%-85% I can’t remember the last time I saw 90% This isn’t to say I don’t answer all messages, I answer every single one, but having to answer messages every 24 hours even on weekends for someone who is at their desk 10+ hours a day, this sucks. I get anywhere from 20-30 messages in 1 day, these can take anywhere from 1-3 hours a day to quote and answer properly, so this means I could clear out my queue on the weekend and still have possibly 3 hours a day of work… just to keep my top rated seller status. You will find that MOST clients who message you on the weekend will understand if you don’t get back to them until Monday, I rarely lose business because I don’t answer messages on the weekend.

So the work around I guess is going to be make a saved message that explains I don’t answer messages on weekends, send this out to everyone who messages on weekends and tell them I will get back to them Monday, so it basically creates an extra step so I can keep a percentage up… that in my opinion isn’t really that important to the over all happiness of a client. Fiverr is a social market place, so anyone who isn’t happy that you didn’t respond will simply find someone who is willing to respond and work on weekends. I can count on 1 hand how many people have been really mad I didn’t get back to them in 24 hours out of thousands of customers… and those few I’m glad I didn’t work with anyhow.

Something I have wanted for a looooong time is schedule days off, so you can take 1-2 days every week, where 1 orders are not due and you don’t have to answer messages… it is so easy to get burnt out working on this site.

well just my thoughts.

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