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Tips to improve my gigs?


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Dear Silvers Now 2 plus 2:

Fiverr is more geared toward digital deliveries than to physical items.

Have you researched how much it will cost you to ship a beanie to Antarctica and factored that into your pricing?

What will you do if you spend the money, time and effort to crochet a custom beanie, ship it to Antarctica, and 6 months after you spend your money, you get a Paypal chargeback because your Buyer used a credit card or Paypal fraudulently?

I suggest you read the Fiverr Terms of Service, listen to Fiverrcast, study the blog, view, read, or ingest via osmosis various other tutorials, read Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau, and make a determination as to whether Fiverr is the best venue for selling physical items.

What digital products can you offer via Fiverr?

You should definitely add video to your gigs. Here’s why:


Here are some other tips:

Good luck,

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