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Weekend Order Delivery suggestion


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I am just wondering if order received on monday to Friday and also over the weekend can be delivered on Monday to Friday working days only like, and there is off times for the sellers over the weekend.

I know there is a vocation option but I don’t want to use vocation for weekend off time like.

As a level 2 seller I found that as a seller we have no off times like weekend particularly.

Currently for some orders the delivery
sometimes comes over the weekend which is hard to manage if you have family and kids and they have their trips and plans etc.

I would really appreciate if fiverr could make some changes delivery over the weekend .

I would appreciate if fiverr community guys can also give their suggestion on this .


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I like this idea. However, I think there should be an option for the buyer and seller to mutually agree on this situation. I had a circumstance such as this occur. It looked like I would fall behind on my delivery schedule. The buyer didn’t mind but the delivery clock doesn’t stop ticking. I didn’t want to get a low rating on delivery. So, I think there needs to be a mechanism whereby the buyer and seller mutually agree to extend the gig completion deadline. That way the buyer gets the product or service they expect and the seller gets it done without any penalty. It’s just a suggestion but I think it would be helpful.

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