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Rating buyers & reject button


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Not a new idea, but I think it really needs more attention.

When someone orders from me, I don’t know who it is, there’s some anonymous nickname and a country where he lives - that’s really not enough to know. On the other hand, buyers can see ratings, reviews, cancellation rate, live portfolio examples, … -> see what I mean?

It goes with another idea - “reject” button for seller. I think 24 hours to reject an order would be just enough.

Both ideas together: buyer orders a gig, I as a seller can see his previous ratings from other sellers, and I can read his instructions to make sure he ordered something I really offer, something that doesn’t break laws etc. -> if everything’s okay, I’d just accept it and work on it. If not, well, it would prevent us from mutual cancellation / negative review. 🙂

A lot of people complain about cancellation rate and about buyers who don’t read gig’s description or demand something that is not part of the basic package (for example writing text, gig says 1000 words, and buyer asks for 2000)… this would solve it all. And buyers wouldn’t lose much of their time waiting, because the seller would have to reject it in 24 hours.

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