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New Level System Huge Mistake


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Hello there.

I’m Rafael, and I’m a Level 2 fiverr seller. I just realized a HUGE MISTAKE with this new level system.

I’ll try to be as fast and direct as possible:

I spotted what could be a huge mistake from fiverr, with this new level method. Order Completion Rate.

Making 90% of completion rate to maintain LVL 2, will make fiverr revenues to drop. How do I know this?

Let’s use me as an example:
-Right now my completion rate is 84%, because many orders I sell, I need to charge extra because it will demand a lot of extra time to work, BUT many buyers do not accept, or don’t answer in time, or don’t answer at all. So as honest seller, I cancel the order and refund them.

-Where do I want to get with this:
Normally, when extra charges are needed, 4 each 5 buyers accept my extra charges (75%), which starts from $20 each. If I start to focus on my completion rate, I’ll need to stop these extra charges, so I don’t get my completion rate to drop. So instead doing at least $60 with 5 sales, I’ll start doing $25 with 5 sales (focusing on complete all of them).
As consequence, instead fiverr gets at least $12 with these sales, they will get just $5.

I’m a graduated business manager, I’m pretty sure these new standards are to make more revenues to fiverr site, which is completely normal for a global company as fiverr, but there are a lot of consequences with this which seems not to be studied before applying these changes.

SO MY SUGGESTION: Instead being 90% completion rate, drop it to 80% at max, OR EVEN BETTER, dont make us to complete all of the standards to maintain a level, but at least a part of this. Like, instead getting 90% of each standard, trying to get a 90% of a total.

ALSO, before starting these changes, I suggest to do a “market research” with the best sellers on each category, to know what really happens, instead just reading numbers from statistics, which many are bugged (see below why)

PS: I have 100% of response rate, and fiverr site shows only 98%. It bugs when I receive a spam message. Just to show that it dont work at all.

Right now, for me, it’s easier to Achieve goals to become a TRS, than the goals to maintain my Level 2 (as you can see by the attached image). It makes no sense.

I hope it can open fiverr/sellers eyes, before the “winter comes”.

Thank you,

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