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Sellers request in Buyer Request


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Sellers request in Buyer Request
From the first time of Fiverr my Trainer Always warn us don’t post buyer request for sell your product.
It can makes our fiverr impression destroy. When i become teacher and consultant i also remind it with
all freelancers. But now a days “Many seller trying to sell their product to post in buyer request”.
I think it makes many honest or new seller confused to understand who is real buyer.
For this reason many sellers waste their valuable buyer request for send offer wrong person.
It’s time to save our fiverr the platform of millions freelancers livelihood from the gathering of wrong person who isn’t fit here.
I have a plan.
If you create one flag option side of every buyer request when we understand about abuse of buyer request we can flag that to your team. Than team can verify he is seller or buyer. If he is really a buyer fiverr team will release his flag or if he is seller and wanted to selling item fiverr team will instant ban his account.
But fiverr team need to keep it in mind sometimes sellers want to buy.For this reason if seller use buyer request with buying purpose fiverr will consider that but if their request present that they want to sell from it , they will get punishment.

Thanks dear fiverr team for give me chance for send my idea and concept for making fiverr more better,now it’s your wish.
And i am happy to part of this platform.If i have makes any mistake in this article please forgive me.
Thank you.

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