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Tips for Getting more Orders or Traffic


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Hi. I am level 2 seller but i found suddenly my regular queries or orders dropped almost 5% then changed some of my old ways of working and here are something new points i get back with getting new clients

1 Added more gigs i can offer similar to my old gigs but with a updated services add on into them
2. Learn from forum here and engage more with top sellers ideas and experiences
3. slide share and other related ppt seo is quick so better to optimize and seo for gig (worked for me)
4. Talk more about your services in indirect way and create demand in other related fourms online
5. Introduce weekly offers and new special packages for your old clients on regular basis most obviously they love to buy new offers they may be thinking at that time
6. Dont hesitate to update your latest gig to share with your declined sellers or the sellers given you less rating nature always change so may be they would appreciate you latest gig you offer them
7. Book domain related to your Gig service and with basic SEO and back-links you can get better ranking in google so get orders directly in simple manner
8. PPC is better option so use it in smart way (Faceboook with geo location Target preference )
9. Offer all Price ranges of gigs min to max variety will make you stable in average earning
10. Be active on Phone with apps for quick response as soon as possible .
these are some suggestions and ideas i am using so hope this might be helpful for you guys and All the best for your successful career at Fiverr.
Your more suggestions welcome


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