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Remove/Move Deliveries Slider (or make it optional)


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I noticed this change to the profile design and I hated it before realizing (thanks to this thread New Update: Showing the deliveries, reviews, and order amount) that you can actually click on the images to bring up detailed information about each order. Now I hate it even more.

Note: It’s only being tested right now. It isn’t a permanent feature, so this is just feedback.

  1. I want my gigs at the top of the page. The services I currently offer are the priority. Not the individual orders I’ve recently delivered.

  2. Showing recent deliveries blends orders from different gigs. I don’t want people to think the images there all represent the same service.

    For example, I do product photography in one gig and editing in another. Say a buyer sends me a crappy pic they took of a product wanting me to remove the background and I deliver that in my editing gig.

    A buyer looking for a product photographer might click on my profile, see that image in recent deliveries, think it’s from my photography gig, and pass me over. It doesn’t mention which gig each image is from unless the buyer clicks on it and not everyone is going to do that.

  3. The price someone paid for their delivery shouldn’t be shown. Not even as a range. I have repeat buyers I heavily discount for certain things because of our relationship. I don’t want some “rando” to see how much they paid for an order and assume they can get the same for a similar price.

  4. “Delivered within” needs to go. It includes revision time and doesn’t give potential buyers the whole story. I have a lot of orders I deliver within 24-48 hours, but the buyer decides they want to add more extras or a new custom request that extends the length.

    The back and forth about new additions and pricing often leads to the final delivery happening days later. I don’t want someone who doesn’t know that to see something in my recent deliveries, see “delivered within 10 days”, and think it actually took me 10 days to do when it only took 2 or 3 and the rest of that time was just the buyer getting back to me with updated files or something.

  5. We can’t control what appears in our live portfolio and features we can’t customize shouldn’t be featured so prominently on our profile. If someone wants to see what we’ve done, they can click on the specific gig of interest and check it out there like they used to.

Whether others agree/disagree, hopefully this feedback is useful. Also, before anyone says “you only have one gig”, I have the rest of my gigs paused right now because I’m updating everything lol

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