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Question on Gig Extras: Please Help


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So I’ve come back after a long hiatus. I was gone due to some health issues, and when I returned it’s already the new Fiverr.

But I’m having problems with the gig extras. I’m a level one seller. But how come my gig extras aren’t showing for some of gigs? They are showing for two of my gigs, but the extras aren’t showing for my other two gigs. Do I have to do something else? I’ve edited the gigs a couple of times already.

Help? Please.

Thanks guys 🙂

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Reply to @kjblynx:

I see. I guess that answers it. Thanks 🙂 My other gig has a high rating but quite a number of cancellations. Had to stop when i got sick.

But I wonder why it’s also not shown on my tip gig. There’s no cancellation record there whatsoever. Although I only received one order/tip through that.

Thanks again for answering 🙂

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Reply to @anarchofighter:

🙂 Thanks. I’ve check the boxes a couple of times, but it still won’t show. Perhaps as @kjblynx said it’s probably because of the high cancellation percentage. I didn’t wish for that though. I guess I’ll just have to delete the gig and make a new one.

But I’m curious about my other gig though. It doesn’t have any negatives but still no extras. Still, it’s just a tip gig anyway so it’s fine.

Thanks again 🙂

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