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Review the work before accepting, to Avoid Bad Rating


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My little advice to mostly New Sellers is this, they should always review the job before you accept, in order to avoid bad rating. Many accept jobs and at last, fail to deliver either quality or will not deliver at all. This attitude actually makes a buyer so angry and the next step is to leave a very serious review or rating that will tarnish your status. As a seller, always keep in mind to deliver your work on time, this will help you gain favor from other buyers. Because most buyers do not joke with their time, they take it seriously. It is important you study the work to be done very well and you are sure you can deliver it in the most appropriate manner before you accept it. Avoid rush to get a job, instead steer clear from any work that will spoil your image. Only accept jobs you know quite sure you can do it very well and that will rather give you a good rating. With this system, you will easily get to the top with great respect.

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