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Buyer purchased Gig, didn't fill in requirements correctly and now hasn't responded. Gig expired yesterday


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Hey fellow Fiverr members!

I have been signed up to Fiverr for around three weeks now, and have five gigs listed. I had my first sale on the 1st November, received a five star rating. Couple hours later, I then got another order(Different buyers). The task was to make a charity page run faster, and just clean it up in general. In the description, I realized it was for a charity so I accepted to do the work for $5 (I did offer free of charge, but the buyer refused).

Anyway, so the buyer then purchases my “WordPress Bug Fix” gig. Now my requirement for this type of work is this:

“URL for back-end page and login details”.

The buyer simply puts: “website.com/loginareahere” and no login details.

Within minutes I message the buyer asking for the details, and I still get no response. So, before having access to the site, I run a diagnostics to see what is slowing the page down. I complete that and tell the buyer why the charity page is loading slow. No reply.

I then leave it for 6 hours before messaging again informing the buyer he must respond for me to complete the Gig.

Now, the Gig ended yesterday and still no response. However, for the past two days the buyer has been online (Well according to his recent online status). I have recorded 8 times the buyer has been on and not responded.

So, as it stands the Gig is a day late because I can’t deliver it because I have nothing to deliver, and now I’m really worried that A - He will leave me a negative review (hopefully not, as I haven’t done nothing wrong) or B - a mark is left on my profile for being late.

Can I get some advice on what I should do? It would be much appreciated

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I’m relatively new here, but from reading documentation; I think you can cancel the order from the Resolution Center. Then send a request to CS letting them know the Order# to review the conversation.

I would hope that CS would allow you to cancel without negative impact to your account.

I’d like to get confirmation of that from some higher ranked sellers though 🙂

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