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Response Time Problem


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My first offer came from someone in Pakistan and I’m in Houston, Texas. Their order came in a little after Midnight and when I was able to get to my computer to reply, it was 9:00 am here.

They gave me a an 11 hour response time and said I was slow to answer and should answer responses quicker. Come ON… I was asleep and answered it as soon as I could. I’ve since taken another job that I answered and delivered within the hour. I have the Fiverr app on my phone and I also get notifications to my email but none of that matters if I’m sleeping while clients are up and working. Suggestions?

I don’t want clients to pass me by because they see that response rate especially since it was my FIRST job! Yes, I know I’m freaking out a little but I’m excited and want to do my best. They asked questions in the message but sent me the script so I just went ahead and did the three versions of voice over files and set my alarm for 12:00 midnight. Their order came in about 2:00 am my time and heard the ding on my phone, got up and went to my studio, brought up the order and delivered it and went back to bed

I don’t think this response time is fair. How can this response time be changed now?


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